CANADA: International Development Research Centre or IDRC and Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada or DFATD announced $17 million in new funding for projects that will make food more secure and nutritious in developing countries. The four projects constitute an effort to scale up the most promising research supported under the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund or CIFSRF. "Our Government's investments through the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund are resulting in more nutritious and diversified diets and higher incomes for developing-country farmers and their families," said Christian Paradis, Minister of International Development. He added that Canada is committed to supporting agricultural research and innovation to help increase food security and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those most in need. IDRC President Jean Lebel noted that international collaborations will help tens of thousands of farmers and fishers produce more food, earn a higher income, and provide local consumers much needed essential nutrients missing from their diets. At the same time, effective ways are being identified for taking food security solutions and achieving large-scale impacts with them, CIFSRF is a $124-million fund that works to increase food security in developing countries by funding research in agricultural innovation and nutrition, and fostering collaboration between developing-country researchers and Canadian experts.

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