Yoga Laid
The awareness on Yoga and making it a part of daily life had a spurt after the mammoth Yoga session held in New Delhi on June 25 under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now more and more corporates are discovering the benefits of Yoga in improving the morale and health of its personnel at senior, mid and junior management cadres and staff. They are increasingly turning to yoga professionals and foundations, requesting to train their staff in practicing yoga to reduce stress, tension, increase energy, and improve physically fitness, increase focus and concentration. Those who have given Yoga lessons to their company staff are reporting enhanced productivity, reduction in healthcare and medical costs, lower employee absenteeism and more fun at work. In this connection, New Delhi-based Holistic Wellness Foundation’s recent Yoga training session held in Kerala assumes significance. The Foundation offers Yoga sessions for companies, institutions, groups and individuals. The 4-day training programme was aimed at relieving stress and enhancement of personal well being. It was held in Wayanad, Kerala in the last week of June, 2015. According to the Foundation’s director, the session was attended by senior corporate executives from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Trivandrum. The venue was well chosen, the sylvan hill town of Waynad had the perfect setting to rejuvenate the mind and body of stressed souls. Surrounded by quiet, clean, pristine stretches of mist capped mountains, green meadows, valleys, water springs and blue water lakes, the place offered the participants the best environment in terms of natural beauty and healthy climate. It is also rich in exotic spices, wild animals and birds, alluring vegetation and mountainous horizon of the Western Ghats’s lush green virgin forests. The region’s tribal heritage, history, culture and social epistemology really put the participants in great awe. Holistic Wellness Foundation’s presented the program as a blend of the ancient Indian wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda, Indian culture and heritage and ably spiced it in the backdrop of amazing natural beauty, clean and peaceful environment. The Foundation’s program stood out for its pursuance of a holistic approach by addressing the root cause of the problems than merely scratching the surface of symptoms. The program underscored the need for a permanent solution by offering tips for leading a healthy and vibrant life to keep stress at bay and contribute more for organizational productivity. The program was well received by the participants and some of the satisfied participants recommended the program for their friends and contacts. P.J. Takkar, Director (Tech.) of REC Ltd in Delhi commented that the programme was excellent for him and had “immense relaxation and rejuvenation for body and mind in a unique environment that is far removed from the conventional office routine.” Gali Sunder, Senior Manager with NTPC Ltd, Hyderabad, impressed by the program, urged all companies to take this training for their employees to enhance productivity.

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