In an interview with BUSINESS VIEWS, Mumbai-based Ganesh Remani opens up on the scope and benefits of KHELfit app.

Ganesh Remani is an engineer-MBA with long experience in the corporate world. As the founder of KHELfit he launched the fitness app as a stress buster led by the belief that work pressures should not keep off people from doing fitness workouts.

It is a fact that stress-related diseases are taking a toll on people’s health and lives. Stress has not spared anyone -- children, youngsters, professionals, women, middle-aged and old people are equally affected.

Mention must be made of the corporate world, which is a big breeding ground for stress. There the working professionals are battling many lifestyle diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular ailments.

Long working hours, lack of exercise, improper food and eating habits and inadequate sleep are at the core of many life-threatening diseases.


Q. What was the thought behind launching a fitness app?

Khelfit evolved from personal observations and ailments of leading a sedentary lifestyle being a corporate employee for nearly 2 decades. The thought of designing a fitness app was further concreted by our research data indicating the threatening presence of lifestyle diseases amongst the working class.

India has over 50 million people suffering from Type 2 diabetes and over 14.4 million people suffering from obesity. Changing lifestyle, long working hours, stressful work environment, bad eating habits, reduced outdoor activities for children and our high dependency on electronic gadgets has had a huge negative impact on our physical wellbeing.

Khelfit has been designed to provide access to fitness videos and information at the user’s desired time and place with complete access to his family.

Q. How will Preventive Healthcare benefit people?

High work pressure, regular traveling and lack of quality time to pursue physical activities or hobbies have become a difficult proposition, especially, to the working class in major metros.

Though there are financial instruments like Medi claims and term policies to look after employee welfare, these are last mile measures and effective post critical stage.

Preventive Healthcare focuses on small effective changes in daily life in the form of controlled quality and quantity of food intake, daily work out sessions and work-life balance to lead a healthy life. Small changes in lifestyle can go a long way in preventing lifestyle led diseases.

Q. How do you plan to stand out in the internet space that is crowded with numerous fitness videos and blogs?

The problem of fitness is not about awareness alone but also in the assimilation of proper information. Most of the content available on the web is standalone segments that do not provide follow up options, expressing concerns and seeking further information or clarifications.

At Khelfit, we have researched and taken into consideration the requirements of people who connect regularly on the web for such information and have incorporated programmes that can be easily practiced at home and can be followed on a daily basis.

Our mantra has been ease of assimilation of information by focusing on 2-minute content, ease of guidance by connecting to a trainer at fingertips, fight boredom by offering multiple fitness genres and to sustain motivation by providing access to the entire family under one subscription and that too at an affordable cost.

When a user subscribes to a product, he gets all genres and constant updates during the subscription period.

  • 200 videos of Exercise and Yoga
  • Instruction Cards on Exercise and Yoga
  • Circuit Instruction Cards
  • Nearly 200 Workout Plans of Exercise and Yoga
  • Nearly 240 circuit plans for kids aged 4 to 16 years
  • 30 Newsletters and weekly newsletters
  • Healthy Meal plans of diverse cuisine
  • Access to Virtual Trainers

Overall, the app provides a complimentary package for the entire family to access fitness features at zero cost.

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