Lalitgate scandal is rocking India with the pivot being Lalit Modi, the 52 year old former IPL organizer in India. He fled to the UK in 2010 and is facing legal action in India, if repatriated, for his alleged financial misdemeanour to order of over Rs 1700 crore. A look-out notice is already there on L Modi from the Enforcement Directorate. Drawn into the controversy is India’s foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, Rajasthan Chief Minister, Vasundhara Raje Scindia, who have been accused by the media and opposition for having helped the former event maker to stay in England. The foreign minister said to have favoured Lalit Modi with some assistance as her husband, a leading lawyer, is defending the former IPL commissioner in many cases. Sushma Swaraj allegedly helped Lalit Modi in gaining British travel documents. In the Rajasthan CM’s case, her son and BJP law maker Dushyant Raje Singh is at the focal point on a hotel related business deal where L. Modi is seen as a financier. In the case of Vasundhara Raje allegation is that Lalit Modi ran business deals with her son Dushyant who is owning Niyant Heritage Hotel (Pvt.) Ltd. Modi extended an unsecured loan of Rs. 3.8 crore in 2008 to Dushyant and in 2011, L Modi acquired 965 equity shares at a huge price of Rs 96,190 per share. The aggregate investment from Modi became Rs 9.2 crores. When the unsecured loan is also added, Lalit Modi seemed to have pumped in Rs 13.08 cr. in M/s Niyant Heritage Hotel (Pvt ) Ltd. The allegation against Vasundhara Raj Scindia is that she played a big role in facilitating Lalit Modi to stay back in England and even furnished a signed affidavit to the Court in England in her capacity as the then Leader of the Opposition in the Rajasthan Assembly. The opposition has used the Lalit Gate to corner Narendra Modi government, which completed one year in May without any major scams, unlike the previous UPA government, which had to grapple with financial scandals quite often. The Congress party described the acts of both Swaraj and Scindia as acts of grave impropriety and misconduct while holding public office by helping an absconder to escape the clutches of the law. It wanted PM Modi to sack both the incumbents. However, the problem seems to be that BJP is facing internal compulsions as many assembly elections are nearing and it cannoy present a fractured government before the people, Congress is also upset as Lalit Modi is using Twitter to name important Congress leaders for their association with him. The Congress is on the back-foot fearing a backlash, after initially seeing Lalit gate as the new “Tehelka,” which was an arms deal scandal, which it used successfully to debase and eventually stamp out the Vajpayee led BJP-NDA government in the 2004 polls.

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