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Mumbai-based real estate developer Zara Habitats has announced the launch of “Horizon”--the 22-storeyed apartment cluster at LJ Road in Dadar West of Mumbai. According to the developer, the location is highly appealing as it is nestled in a location that commands extreme eminence as the centre of the city. Like all other properties, in “Horizon” care has been taken to ensure the optimum and responsible utilization of every square foot while maintaining top notch quality norms. “Horizon” offers smart-sized one bedroom apartments that best serve the perfect purpose of dwelling for a family with its perfect planning and placement of spaces in giving optimum utilisation of areas to complement a metro lifestyle. According to the management of Zara Habitat, “this one is for the new-age discerning buyer.” With its eye on the horizon, the apartments boast of an unencumbered city and sea view from a towering height above all others. Through the new project, Zara Habitats strives to offer its buyers a unique “space proposition that none of its contemporaries are able to provide.” Zara Habitats is driven by the vision and foresight that the upcoming project is not just a piece of land under development, but it is the buyers’ future that is under construction. Speaking about this project Zaheer Majeed Memon, Partner, Zara Habitats noted, “Horizon is a project with its location as the key factor in terms of its uniqueness. It promises to provide every buyer with a valuable piece of real estate in a sought after locality, which otherwise was out of reach for a genuine home buyer in Mumbai. Ideal sized 1 BHK is aimed at providing optimum usage space to the end user at a location in the centre of the city and that is what Horizon would boast to deliver to its inhabitants”. According to the Director, every Zara Habitats Project seeks class and is nestled in niche locations. For the fine living aficionado’s urge to experience a taste of luxury, is answered by Zara Habitats by making sure that world class amenities that evoke elegance are provided. For the brand, embodying open and flowing living spaces, light-filled rooms that allow unencumbered views are a trademark, affirmed the company’s partner. The landmark locations of each of the projects add to the appreciation of the asset value of the houses therein. Zara Habitats is quite famous for many of its land mark projects in Thane, Nasik and Alibag regions, besides its properties in many parts of Mumbai.

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